2020 India - Tiruvannamalai
Program in Arunachala from March 31st to April 7th

This years India program will be at Arunachala (Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu) running March 31-April 7. We suggest that people plan on arriving by March 30 if possible as the 31st will be a full day. People can make their onward travel plans for the 8th (April 7th is purnima and we'll be doing parikrama and staying that night). One's commitment and dakshina is due by February 1st. One can contact us with any questions or for particulars.

2019 USA - Cleveland
Cleveland Program from September 23d to 29th

This years program in Cleveland will be September 23-29. As with previous years, those who have already recieved initiation are welcome to attend the entire length, while anyone new who would like to either visit or recieve an initial diksha may come September 23 and 24. Those seeking continuing works of previous empowerments may get those teachings, and I'll also be giving some new dikshas. Those who would like to attend can contact us for all the information.

2019 India - Ujjain
Program from Ferbruary 14th to 21th

The Ujjain program will be February 14-21. Participants need to arrive by 14th, and plan their onward travel for February 22. The dakshina for the program is $520, with participants needing to give $320 by December 31 to hold their place. The remaining $200 can be offered once reaching Ujjain. Those attending may book their own accommodations based upon their needs and budget. However its suggested to first learn where Guruji will be staying and then to book in the same location or somewhere nearby. For any further questions and enquiry please contact us.

2018 USA - Ohio, Cleveland
From September 10th to 16th

Anyone seeking an initial initiation to the path can come for the 10th and 11th, while sadhaks can come the entire week. I'll be able to provide any secodary initiations to those who have met the commitments and require it. People attending this program will also be given a protector/guardian work, which is a type of energy that one can always rely upon. While the various Vidyas have protective qualities, having a specific protector has a unique quality and function. They are very useful in helping a sadhak overcome inner and outer obstructions, as well as protecting one from both subtle and material harm. This program will also have the theme of "vows" where we'll discuss their meaning and implication. I'll be focusing tantric vows and discussing large scale "view based vows" such as the wrathful vows. After a proper understanding of implications, those attending will also have an oppurtunity to take vows if they so desire. Those interested in the program can conntact us for more details.

2017 USA - Ohio, Cleveland
From 18th to 25th September

Shiva Kaal Ugranand will be available to give Diksha (Initiation) from September 18-25. Those wishing to attend should plan on visiting for two days within this timeframe. This period is also open to those who would just like to visit, ask questions, and sit meditation with us. Those wishing to attend can contact us for more information and details.

2017 India - Assam, Kamakhya
From 3rd to 10th April

Dates for diksha and gathering have been finalised for 3rd to 10th April 2017 in Kamakhya. Those wishing to attend for Guru Diksha, for satsang, or to explore Kamakhya with us are welcome to come. People wanting to attend can write to us for further details.

2017 India - Assam, Kamakhya
Kamakhya in April

Guruji will be having a program at Kamakhya (Guwahati, Assam India) in April 2017. It is a special program, as it will be the first time Guruji will give the Kamakhya Diksha . This diksha is only available to people who have already received Guru Diksha, and there is a limit of 4 spots available. The duration will be about 8 days with the dates being finalized in the coming months.

"The work of Kamakhya is the very heart and primordial ground of the Tantric Vidya. Once one is established in the Kamakhya Vidya, all the sadhana one does flows through the Aadya Pitha (Yoni Pitha) making them powerful and vibrant. I'll be giving the Kamakhya Diksha for the first time and want to do so at Kamakhya Pitha itself. There are several commitments that one must make to participate in this program. Firstly, in the month before attending, one must commit to do a short "purification" sadhana in preparation. After the program (and once home), one must commit to 1,000,000 mantra in 100 days (i.e. 10,000 per day for 100 days). One must also commit to 1 round of the mantra (108 repetitions) daily, thus never "losing" the mantra. These commitments are in conjunction with the normal commitments of this path such as not divulging the work/mantra and offering our sadhana for the liberation of all.

The beauty of the Kamakhya Vidya is that it is so utterly direct and simple if approached properly. Moreover, all the manifestations and expressions of Shakti are contained in the Vidya. For those working with me, Kamakhya Vidya is also the gateway to the profound Maha-mandala practice whereby Kamakhya/Kameshwar sit in the center of the Mandala composed of the Das Mahavidya and other aspects special to this tradition. It is a very deep practice based on the completeness and expressions of Kamakhya, where everything is both resolved and expressed. But the Kamakhya work leads into this and is pre-requisite. While not a commitment to participation, it would be nice if people attending had the aspiration to pursue the knowledge of the Mahamandala sadhana . However, one should understand that Kamakhya is complete, and it is only with the understanding of that perfection that the Mahamandala sadhana is truly meaningful. The external Pitha (Nilachal/Kamakhya) can serve as not only inspiration but mudra (an external "cue" to resonate with to open up the inner vista), so just being in this place is special.

Because this is a special program, I want to keep a small and intimate group. Also, we'll be staying at Kamakhya and visiting various temples etc., so it's practically better with a small group. I can't even relate how auspicious it is to get Kamakhya Diksha at Kamakhya Pitha. Ideally, three people would be good, but we'll allow up to four. In all honesty, I don't know if or when a next opportunity for this would be. So best to seize on this if it is meaningful to you." - Shiva Kaal Ugranand

The places for this program will be assigned based on the first to commit. We'll be staying on Nilachal Parvat which is the hill where Kamakhya temple is located. Rooms will be booked in advance of the program. We are asking for a contribution of $500 for the week long program, with a $100 deposit to hold one’s spot (nonrefundable) and $400 offered at the time of Diksha, and if the cancellation is late (after Feb. 2017) preventing someone else from attending, then the person will be withheld from all programs until decided otherwise. Participants are responsible for their own transportation, food, and lodging costs.

Those wishing to attend for Guru Diksha, for satsang, or to explore Kamakhya with us are also welcome to come. For more information, questions, or to reserve a place please contact us.

2016 USA - Ohio, Cleveland
October 10th - 17th (For those that already received diksha)

For the gathering for October 10-17, Guruji will be offering the initial diksha/empowerment for the Wrathful Devi who Ferries to Liberation (Ugra Tara). She is the bright star, and in this Vidya we make our heart shine like her as she is part of our compassionate activity. The diksha is open to all who have received Guru Diksha, but comes with some commitments. One must commit to 1 million japa of the bija which will accompany the empowerment. Also, one should commit to receiving the follow up dikshas of mula mantra and pitha once the initial sadhana is complete. While the aspiration to work for the liberation of all should permeate all the sadhana in this path, it is of particular importance with this Vidya, so that commitment of heart should also be understood. Ugra Tara is a swift but fickle Vidya which may evoke raw energies, but with proper and noble aspirations, those energies are quickly transmuted. Finally, once the diksha of mula mantra is given, one must commit to sitting chakra at least once a month, as this Vidya requires this. Implied within in that is that one must commit to learning the shudhi and procedures contained in that. People undertaking should offer some dakshina as well as the Kaula offerings. Those wanting to participate should contact Guruji.

2016 USA - Ohio, Cleveland
March 22nd - April 2nd

Guruji will be available to meet people in Cleveland, USA from 22nd March to 2nd April 2016. This will be an opportunity to meet, interact and be around older sadhaks too. There will be also an opportunity for those serious and open hearted to step in this path, start to explore the depths of kaulas and make a heart connection with the Guru and Ishta in deeper levels. It is important to understand that the word opportunity here is not used in accumulative or consumptive way, but rather as a moment when power makes itself available and the fiery wisdom of abandon is the course to meet it. So all those who want to step into this Vidya or just be present can contact us.

2015 India - Assam, Kamakhya
July 1 - 15

Guruji will be available to meet people at Kamakhya from July 1-15.  Kamakhya pitha is located in Guwahati, Assam India on a hill named Nilachal Parvat.   For tantrics, Kamakhya is considered the greatest pitha, as it is the seat of and place where the Devi’s Yoni fell and is established.  The hill represents a complete MahaMandala where Kamakhya Devi is surrounded by the Das Mahavidya, as well as the retinue of Shaktis, Yoginis, Matrikas, and Bhairavs.  Diksha and sadhana at this Shaktipitha is considered very auspicious.   For anyone coming for initial initiation, one can plan a three day stay, while already initiated people can plan a program of anywhere from 4-10 days.  Those just wishing to meet may come at their leisure during that 15 day timeframe.  There are some guest houses on Nilachal itself where it is suggested people coming can stay.   Most need to be booked in advance with some deposit, so those who say they are coming are responsible for reimbursing regardless of if one turns up.  Guruji speak often about opportunity (and the wisdom of seizing on it), and this is a great opportunity.   It is important to understand that Guruji don’t use the word opportunity in an accumulative or consumptive way, but rather as a moment when power makes itself available and the fiery wisdom of abandon is the course to meet it.  So there are always perfectly understandable reasons not to seize, but the people who burn for freedom/truth/love just don’t give a shit. Those interested in the program may also contact us for more details.

2014 USA - Ohio, Cleveland
Oct 26 - Nov 2

There will be an opportunity to meet Guruji in Cleveland Ohio from 26th October to 2nd November. People can come for Diksha (2 days) or to meet during that period. For further details please contact us.

2014 India - Assam, Kamakhya
April 30 - May 12

This program is an opportunity to explore the most preeminent tantric pitha while receiving guidance from Guruji. Participants will be staying on the sacred hill (Nilachal Parvat) itself, and have ample opportunity to roam and explore all the temple sits. There will be formal meditation and sadhana with Guruji in the morning and evening, and various excursions to sacred sites on the hillwhere we'll sit together. The main temple of Kamakhya provides a beautiful atmosphere to sit and open to the primordial energy and grace of the Devi, and participants will also have the opportunity to enter the main sanctium at the pitha. We will also visit, meditate, and endeavor to assimilate the energy at various other temples there including: Kali, Tara, Chinnamasta, Bagalamukhi, Bhuvaneshvari, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Raj Rajeshvari, Durga, Koti Linga, Kameshvara, and others. We will sit sadhana together. Initiation (diksha) will be avalible to program participants who would like to explore deeper and who feel a resonance with Guruji. Those wishing only for diksha (without completely participating in the program) may schedule a time to come within the program dates, and plan on staying for two days. People who would like to visit and meet alre also welcome. Those interested in the program may contact us for further details.

2014 India - Siolim, Goa
June 13-20, July 11-18, August 14-21

We are offering three date windows for those who would like to participate in a sadhana/meditation retreat with Guruji. The location for the retreat is one of a peace and natural beauty, and we will visit several of the nearby beaches together. We will also wisit a few of the local temples including: Kali, Kshetrapala, Vetal, and a unique and secluded temple of Guru Dattatreya. These program are for those who wish to dive more deeply into silence, meditation, and sadhana without distraction. Guruji will work closely with participants on a subtle level, and also be avalible to answer questions that arise. Initiation (diksha) will also be avalible to those on the retreat who wish to enter the vidya more deeply, while those only seeking a diksha (without complete retreat participation) may arrange to visit for two days within on of the time periods. Pepole who would like to meet are also welcome. Those interested in the retreat may conntact us for further details.

2013 India - Tiruvannamalai
From 6th to 22nd of August

Guruji will be in India from june end to mid october. He will be in Tiruvannamalai with few of his students from 6th to 22nd of August. Those wishing to meet him either for diksha or darshan are welcome to do so. For further queries please contact us.

2012 India - Manali
Satsang and Diksha in June

Guruji will be available for satsang and discussion on various aspects of the vidya. For those interested, there will be opportunity for mantra diksha, which is the entry into the path. There is also Guru Purmina Diksha and Guru Puja on July 3. Please contact for meeting schedule and for location information.

2012 USA - Ohio, Cleveland
Diksha in August

Initiation is the entry and prerequisite for future dikshas. There will be the transmition of heart/mind essence, as well as the mantra diksha. This represents the opportunity to establish the connection that is fundamental to the relation with the tantric guru. Guruji will also introduce the preliminary teachings which are the ground and substance of the work. The program will begin on the Friday afternoon with the initiations taking place in the evening. The following Saturday will provide the time for establishing the heart connection and receiving instruction. New sadhaks are then welcome to sit in sadhana in the night. The offering/dakshina for the initiation is $150.

2012 USA - Ohio, Cleveland
hri Prasada-Para Diksha, Bandi Devi Diksha in October

The Shri Prasada-Para Mantra (along with the Para-Prasada) represents the union and knowledge of Shiva and Shakti. The Prasada-Para branch of this vidya will be transmitted on this occasion. Shiva speaking to the Devi (in Kularnava Tantra) says, “The Shri Prasada Para mantra is the crest jewel of all mantras. One who recites it undoubtedly obtains both enjoyment and liberation.” Shiva tells Devi, “This mantra is the full form of both of us. One who knows it thus is Shiva himself.” Through the inner knowledge of Prasada- Para and Para-Prasada, one becomes a true Kaula.

The word bhandha relates to binding, locking, closing up, tying up, and sealing. The energy of Shri Bandi Devi removes locks and liberates, and has various implications in application. On the gross level, people are often locked in patterns and can use the energy which frees. In the subtle body, there are often several locks or knots which need to be opened. And within the esoteric streams, knowledge is often locked up, nailed (or pinned), and the vidya may open this up. Indeed, the consciousness itself is bound to the five elements and ahamkara is like a pin. Within our tradition, the highest aspiration of working for liberation of all is of highest priority, and one can sit as Bandi Devi and spread the liberating energy releasing all who are locked up in one way or another.

2012 USA - Ohio, Cleveland
Nov. 2-3 Initiation; Nov. 4-7 Guru Tattva Tantra

There will be another opportunity for entry and diksha, as well as an extended program for those who are initiates. Kaal will be initiating and presenting a program on Guru Tantra which is the inner Guru Puja where the sadhak manifests Guru as Self. In this profound practice, the myriad Gurus, awakened ones, and the graceful essence of the principle are contained/symbolized as ones Guru with whom one reaches an accord. Contained within the initiation/program will be:

The four abhishekas - One will directly receive the initiation of the Guru’s form, speech, mind, and essence, and learn the four initiations that one can perform in their sadhana. This inner tantra greatly removes karmic residue and obscurations from the gross, subtle, and causal bodies/realm, and greatly empowers the work of the sadhak. This traditional sadhana is greatly enriching to all aspects of life and sadhana.

Crown diksha, light diksha, and Guru’s breath - The means meditating on Guru at the crown and merging the Guru as light with ones heart light (heart bindu). Also, contained in this aspect of the Tantra is the inner accomplishment of “one breath” ( winds) or the merging of the vital breath which leads to the “one taste” realization.

The offerings to Self as Guru - The inner puja of making the nectar offerings. The offering of ones perception, five elements, and body in the form of amrita is contained. Also included: the panchamamsa (five meats) offering, bindu /rakta offering, and the secret offering which includes the offering to the six shaktis and the union of them with the Gurutattva (in the microcosm), the manifestation of Guru as Shakti, the crown union, the union as a completion, and several other inner mudras.

Manifesting Guru in the six forms in performance of the skillful display of the six kriyas.

Sadhana from Gurutattva - The teaching on how to perform Ishta Sadhana while including (or from the form/perspective of) the Guru element. Also contained: the panchatattva ritual with Guru (as self) making the offerings to Ishta Devata (as manifesting form of Guru) and other elements.

There are several esoteric elements contained within the teaching which come both from traditional sources (tantras) and from inner experience. We’ll see if it can be covered in one teaching period or needs to be in two separate parts. It’ll only be for people who are already students and taken initiation.

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