Jai Ma!

Kaula Tantra is an ancient and dynamic spiritual tradition which guides people toward living their highest wisdom. The Tantric Vidya is said to be the most swift path to spiritual liberation and is also best suited for present time. Kaula wisdom is inclusive and embraces all aspects of life, so the various elements that have bound are transformed into enlightening principles. The tradition includes systems of meditation, mantra, visualization, and subtle energy work, all practiced under the banner of compassionate activities and expansive love. The basis of the work is one’s own pristine awareness anchored in non-dual wisdom, which the sadhak integrates through resonant expressions of Tantric Deities. Through this integration, one lives in naturalness, spontaneity, and freedom, while inspiring others to such. This website is in service to the Chakra (or circle of sadhaks) under the guidance of Kaal Ugranand, and all those wishing to connect with a living tradition.

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